FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What is different between Chordious and Chordious Web?

Chordious Web only contains a subset of what the full version of Chordious is capable of. Primarily Chordious Web is only the "Chord Finder" option that is part of the full version of Chordious. It serves as a quick online Chord Dictionary. The full version of Chordious does so much more. Please check it out at: http://chordious.com

Can I save the chord diagrams?

Look at the "How To Use Chordious Web" page. There is a section there that will explain how to save the chord diagrams.

Are there any restrictions on usage of the chord diagrams?

No restrictions at all. Use them in whatever medium you want, even in books or documents that you are planning to sell.

Why doesn't Chordious Web work in my browser?

Chordious Web is an HTML 5 compliant website. If you are using an older browser, your experience on the site will vary from "it works fine" to "it just doesn't work at all!"

If you are running Windows XP and are using Internet Explorer, I highly doubt that Chordious Web will work at all. In either case, you should try downloading a newer browser such as FireFox, Google Chrome, or Opera. The current versions of these browsers are all HTML 5 compliant and Chordious Web works fine in all of them.

Chordious web also uses a lot of javascript for the controls on the page. if you have javascript disabled on your browser you're not going to be able to do anything.

Why is Chordious Web only in English?

English is the only language that I know (other than some American Sign Language).

Why is there an option to mirror the chords? Don't left handed players play their instrument the same as right-handed players?

Some left-handed players play their instrument in a right-handed position. However, some left-handed players like to string their instruments in a reverse order so that they can play it using their left hand for strumming and picking and their right hand for fretting. In this case, the chord diagrams are backwards. The problem that most left-handed musicians face is that the vast majority of chord diagrams that exist for any stringed instrument are all written for right-handed players. The left-handed player then has to learn to read the diagram "mirrored" in order to play the chord correctly. Both Chordious and Chordious Web provide a method to generate left-handed chord diagrams to make life simpler for left-handed players.

What do the circles, X's and numbers mean in the chord diagrams?

What do you mean by a chord diagram that is not finger friendly?

Take a look at the above chord diagram for a Guitalele using standard tuning. The chord is correct as far as the notes that are required to play it, however the finger positions on this chord would be anywhere from difficult to impossible to play correctly.

What browsers has this been tested with?

Theoretically, Chordious Web should run on any HTML 5 compliant browser.

Why doesn't instrument "X" appear in the list of instruments?

Theoretically, any stringed instrument should be able to be added to the list. I have only included the ones that Jon had available in the configuration file that is part of the full Chordious application. If there is an instrument that you would like added to the list, please contact me with the following information

If possible, I will add the instrument to the configuration file and you should be able to see it and generate chords.

Why doesn't "X" tuning appear for "X" instrument?

The tunings that appear were also taken from the configuration file that Jon included as part of the full Chordious application. If there are additional tunings for a particular instrument that you are interested in seeing, please contact me and if possible I will add the tuning to the configuration file and you should be able to see it and generate chords.

What programming language was used?

Both Chordious and Chordious Web were written in C#. Chordious Web also utilizes HTML 5 and JavaScript.

The full Chordious application was built using the MONO framework, which makes it usable across different platforms, as long as the MONO runtime is installed on your machine.

Is the source code for Chordious Web available?

Yes, the source code is available on GitHub: Click here for the source code repository.

What instrument do you play?